Top tips for transforming your outdoor space!

//Top tips for transforming your outdoor space!

Top tips for transforming your outdoor space!

At LIFEstyle by Engie, we’re all about making your home entirely unique to you – inside, and out! As summer is finally upon us, we’re bringing you our top tips on how to transform your outdoor space and make the most of the British summer sun, whether its relaxing on the patio or enjoying an outdoor dinner with friends.

  1. A sun awning

If you’ve got a seating area that lacks shade, or if you’re in need of some shelter from the rain, a sun awning is a great addition to your outdoor space – meaning you can make the most of your favourite outdoor seat – whatever the weather!

  1. Water feature

Water features are a great way to add instant tranquility to your garden – the sound of trickling water promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, and they can fit in even the smallest of spaces. As well as creating an oasis in your garden, water features can also help to attract new wildlife and improve your ecosystem.

  1. A herb garden

One for the cooks in the household! A herb garden is the perfect addition to any garden. Plant your herbs in a beautiful planter or create a dedicated bed, and enjoy a lovely feature whilst also being able to grow your own – perfect for seasoning your Sunday roasts.

  1. A fire pit

There’s nothing better than a cosy evening around an open fire with your friends and loved ones, so why not add a fire pit or chiminea to your outdoor space? Ideal for keeping warm on when the evenings turn cooler, a fire pit is your ticket to enjoying plenty of summer evenings outside, with a glass of wine in hand, once the sun has set.

  1. Artificial turf lawn

Artificial lawns are perfect for those wanting a low maintenance alternative to real grass.  Offering the same natural greenery, little to no maintenance, and a flatter more even surface, they’re a great way to achieve a fuss free garden.

  1. Outdoor mini bar

Everyone likes to create the perfect outdoor dining area, so why not try something a little different and give an outdoor mini bar a try instead! Have your favorite beverages and snacks accessible from your own garden, perfect for outdoor entertaining without having to trail in and out of the house.

  1. Bark chippings

If you get sick and tired of weeding and pulling out stray plants that you just don’t know how they got there, covering your bedding and soil with bark chippings is the ideal way to achieve easy and low-maintenance borders – plus it’s far more environmentally friendly than weed killer too!

  1. Climbing plants

Another top tip for introducing more colour to your outdoor space is to train your plants to grow upwards! By installing a trellis on walls or fencing and investing in some climbing plants such as clematis or honeysuckle, you can transform a blank space into a wonderful blanket of colour in no time!

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